WARLORD To Perform At Germany’s KEEP IT TRUE XVI Festival

Reunited ’80s metallers WARLORD, featuring guitarist William J. Tsamis and drummer Mark S. Zonder (FATES WARNING) will perform at the Keep It True XVI festival, set to take place April 19-20, 2013 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany. This will mark the group’s first appearance in eleven years — having last performed in 2002 in Itzehoe, Germany and at the Wacken Open Air festival. There will also be a brand new WARLORD album released in 2013.

Commented Tsamis: “WARLORD is very happy to be coming to the Keep It True festival this April 2013.

“As you may know, there was a lot of tension whether WARLORD should play Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air. I have great respect for the promoters of HOA and I have great respect for Oliver Weinsheimer, the promoter of Keep It True. In the end, however, our decision was based on one simple factor — and that was ‘the fans.’

“Apart from researching the venues and corroborating with our peers from other respected metal bands, it all came down to what the fans were saying.

“Our intelligence sources followed numerous discussions on the Internet, and it was clear that the fans at Keep It True seemed to want WARLORD more than the fans of Headbangers Open Air. Thus, WARLORD is coming like a thunderstorm to deliver epic power metal in a way that you cannot even imagine . . . and we are doing it for the fans because we love the fans. In fact, to us, it’s all about the fans. So when the fans tell us by a 10-to-1 margin that we should play Keep It True, we listen to the fans because our radar is up and running and our satellites are watching the situation.

“We hope the energy and affection at Keep it True will be able to match the passion, power and shock that WARLORD will bring, because what we have in store for you is something that you cannot even imagine!”

WARLORD‘s last album, “Rising Out Of The Ashes”, was released in July 2002 via Atrheia/Drakkar. The CD featured Tsamis and Zonder alongside HAMMERFALL vocalist Joacim Cans.



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