WARLORD’s ‘Deliver Us’ To Be Re-Released

According to RockOverdose.gr, Sons Of A Dream Music will re-release WARLORD‘s “Deliver Us” to coincide with the album’s 30th anniversary.

“Deliver Us” underwent copious restoration and remastering in order to be presented in its intended form. For the first time in almost 30 years, Sons Of A Dream Music had access to the original quarter-inch tape masters and will present the album in its entirety (including the often overlooked, speed-infused epic “Mrs. Victoria”), unlike the original U.S. release. Not stopping at the audio quality, the now-classic cover also went through an extensive restoration and will be presented in all its canvas-quality glory.

From artwork, to sound, to liner notes (including the original liner notes in addition to the new ones), the album will be presented as it was envisioned by William J. Tsamis and Mark Zonder, who also oversaw the entire process, step by step.

“Deliver Us” will be re-released on September 30, initially via iTunes, in a special mastered for iTunes digital LP format, AmazonMP3, eMusic, GooglePlay, Zune Marketplace and other major e-tailers worldwide. CD as well as LP releases will follow soon thereafter.

The expanded reissue of “Deliver Us” marks the first in a series of WARLORD releases that will bring the glory of the band’s music to the 21st century, making all their music available once again and allowing a new generation of fans to be exposed to the haunting melodies of Tsamis and thundering drumming of Zonder.

Fully following Tsamis and Zonder‘s wishes, Sons Of A Dream Music will price all releases in all formats competitively, allowing fans with limited budget access to these otherwise unreachable until now epic works.

Sons Of A Dream Music, listening to fans requests, is currently working to secure the best possible physical distribution in order to make the CDs and LPs available to as many fans as possible.


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