WARRANT Guitarist: ‘I Can Sleep At Night Knowing I Did Everything I Could’ To Help JANI LANE

WARRANT founder and guitarist Erik Turner tells Rachael Recker of the Southwest Riverside News Network that the passing of the band’s original frontman Jani Lane— who died from alcohol poisoning in August at age 47 — is tragic.

“[Lane‘s] somebody that I spent a lot of time with,” said Turner, who hadn’t spoken with Lane for three years since the ’08 reunion. “We had some bad times, as well. It’s just sad and so awful for his family and kids. And we’re sad, too. We wanted him to be in the band.”

According to Turner, Lane made three trips to the rehab in a nine-month span amid hospital visits in 2008, but still wasn’t getting better. “We kept giving him chance after chance after chance,” said Turner, who added that Lane was often “drunk out of his mind” and “semi-belligerant.” “This guy (didn’t) even know what planet he’s on. All those demons came back, and it made it impossible to function with Jani. … It was a nightmare.”

Turner said it’s hard for people to understand addiction — “the tornado that it is, the hole that it is. . . It’s an emotional roller coaster,” said Turner, who said he finally made the call for him and his family’s sake that Lane wasn’t going to “ruin my life, too.”

“I can sleep at night knowing I did everything I could,” Turner said. “It’s really sad that Lane couldn’t break his addiction.”

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