WARRANT Guitarist’s SUNSET STRIPPED Releases ‘Let’s Drink Wine Tonight’ Single

SUNSET STRIPPED, which features in its ranks WARRANT guitarist Erik Turner, has released a new single, “Let’s Drink Wine Tonight”, via iTunes. An audio sample is available below.

Commented the band: “This song goes out to wine lovers everywhere especially to our home town Temecula Wine Country where the song was inspired, written and recorded.”

Comprised of members from Temecula-based band OLD SCHOOL, SUNSET STRIPPED is an acoustic and rhythmic group performing covers of WARRANT tunes, as well as the music from popular ’70s, ’80s and ’90s bands like THE BEATLES, POISON, STEVE MILLER, GUNS N’ ROSES and LED ZEPPELIN.

“Let’s Drink Wine Tonight” features WARRANT drummer Steven Sweet on lead vocals.

The recording lineup for the single was as follows:

Steven Sweet – Vocals
Erik Turner – Guitar
Nik Mathews – Guitar
Chris Beall – Drums

According to SUNSET STRIPPED‘s Facebook page, “A SUNSET STRIPPED performance is all about the crowd singing, dancing and drinking up the good life, creating a rocking and fun atmosphere.”

In a 2011 interview with The Beach Reporter, Turner was asked how SUNSET STRIPPED came about. “I’ve been wanting to do an acoustic thing for a while, something unplugged, more toned down and intimate,” he replied. “I’ve been doing the loud hard rock thing for 25 years. It sounded real nice to me to just sit down and play some songs in an intimate setting. We play a couple WARRANT songs, ‘I Saw Red’ and ‘Heaven’, and then we do a bunch of ballads from other bands like GUNS N’ ROSES, BON JOVI, EXTREME, MR. BIG, DEF LEPPARD, POISON, stuff like that.”

When asked if it was a challenge to adjust to playing stripped-down acoustic versions after performing arena-like rock, Turner said, “It’s definitely a different approach. Playing guitar solos on acoustic is a lot different. It’s a lot more challenging. We take some liberties with arrangements, but we try to keep it as true as possible to the original composition. Even the original composition, they are recorded in studio with electric guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, all kinds of stuff.”



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