WARRANT Members Seeking New Artists For DOWN BOYS Record Label

Down Boys Records, the record label that was created in 2001 by WARRANT members Erik Turner (guitar) and Jerry Dixon (bass) for the express purpose of releasing WARRANT albums, is now working with a variety of outside musicians in the rock, metal, punk, pop and hip hop genres.

The official Down Boys Internet release party will held in the New Year as Turner and Dixon “look for artists that are new and talented that write music from their heart and soul,” according to a press release.

Newly released from Down Boys is “Mood Swings”, a rare 1995 EP by DC4, the Los Angeles-based hard rock band featuring brothers Jeff Duncan (ARMORED SAINT, ODIN) on lead vocals and guitar, Shawn Duncan (ODIN) on drums and Matt Duncan on bass. As part of its deal with Down Boys, DC4 will also record a rock version of the Duncans‘ father Lanny Duncan‘s 1962 hit song “Let’s Go” and will produce a new video and compilation release called “Fist Full Of Gems”.