WEAPON: ‘Embers And Revelations’ Video Released

Canada’s black/death destroyers WEAPON have unleashed a brand new music video for the title track from their Relapse Records debut, “Embers And Revelations”. Check it out below.

Vetis Monarch, leader of the horde, commented on the concept and making of the clip: “This is the first official, professionally done WEAPON music video.

“Choosing one song off ‘Embers And Revelations’ was tough, but we finally decided on the title track of the album because it represents WEAPON in 2013 so aptly: violent, mystical, cathartic. The video was filmed/edited by Dan Wilberg and his cohorts (who also filmed the entire making-the-album series of ‘Embers And Revelations’); suffice to say, the experience was quite different for us, being in front of a bunch of cameras and such… very different from a live concert setting.

“The underlying theme of the video is that of rebirth, which is in essence the underlying theme of the new album, and WEAPON itself. We also hint at some Aghori-esque elements, and we have expanded on my appreciation of daemonic principles of the female form. This video is truly a great visualization of the ideology within our music.”

WEAPON‘s third full-length album, “Embers And Revelations”, was released in October. The CD was recorded with producer Terry Paholek at The Physics Lab in their hometown of Edmonton, Canada.

 WEAPON: ‘Embers And Revelations’ Video