WENDY DIO Marries Longtime Boyfriend In California

Congratulations are in order for Wendy Dio (pictured below), the widow of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, HEAVEN HELL), who married her boyfriend of the past two decades, Omar Gimenez, this past Sunday, September 9 in a private ceremony among family and friends in Montecito, California.

Étoile Weddings, whick took care of the planning for the event, tweeted a photo that was taken immediately after the wedding.

In a May 2011 interview with Brazil’s Roadie Crew magazine, Wendy was asked about accusations that she was cashing in on Ronnie‘s death by continuing to release new product and merchandise from her ex-husband in the months following his death. “I feel very, very, very sad,” she replied. “It’s very hurtful, but I know what I’m doing for the fans. I know what Ronnie and I had together, so, you know, it’s a shame that people say things like that, but people do always say things like that. I’m sorry for them. Most of the fans are fantastic; [they are] wonderful fans that loved Ronnie so much and who know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Ronnie‘s reputation. We’ve always fundraised. Ronnie and I always fundraised. For animals, for children, for everything. It’s only right that I continue in Ronnie‘s aim to do that.”

Asked whether she believed that those accusations were rooted in the fact that she and Ronnie were not involved as a couple for many years prior to his passing, Wendy said, “Maybe. But in any relationships there are ups and downs. You part, and you go back. Then you part and you go back. Ronnie and I married in 1974. It’s a long time to be together with somebody who is a musician. Sometimes there are ramblings of people who don’t really know you, who don’t really know what’s going on… These people always say things.”


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