WHILE HEAVEN WEPT Working On Two New Albums

Virginia’s epic doom metal unit WHILE HEAVEN WEPT has completed writing the music for the follow-up to last year’s “Fear Of Infinity” and will spend much of this year rehearsing with the intention of recording it in the autumn. The band’s guitarist, songwriter and founding member Tom Phillips states, “It will consist of 10 brand new songs that were channeled between 2009-2011 (though one expression includes riffs dating back to 1995) and will surely once again challenge everyone’s notions of what WHILE HEAVEN WEPT ‘is’; while extremely melodic, heartfelt, and epic… it is (in Scott‘s [Loose, guitar] words) ‘intense and aggressive’ — running the gamut from classic U.S. underground metal to melodic thrash and passages of a more ‘extreme’ nature. Compared to ‘Fear Of Infinity’, it has a very different atmosphere and is very much ‘in your face’ musically, yet clearly WHILE HEAVEN WEPT.” An early 2013 release is expected.

In other news, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT is, according to Phillips, “halfway through the composition of another brand new album that will feature our greatest epic of all time; literally one song that is the length of an album… going far beyond the epics of the past such as ‘Thus With A Kiss I Die’, ‘The Furthest Shore’ or ‘Finality’.” He adds, “I’d like to point out that this will once again feature a completely different atmosphere compared to the pending album and at 20 minutes in so far, it’s easily the most EPIC of all in terms of the ‘vibe.’ Rain [Irving, vocals] described it as being in ‘another echelon,’ and the rest of the band — including myself — remain in awe… as I have no idea where all this music is coming from… but surely it’s good news for everyone who cares about us! I truly believe it may be the one album that will unite the fans of all the different eras of WHILE HEAVEN WEPT in one!”

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT is confirmed to headline the Days Of The Doomed 2 (June 22-23 in Kenosha, Wisconsin) and the Pathfinder Metalfest IV (July 7 in Atlanta, Georgia) festivals. Phillips says, “We are also working on setting up additional dates for this year. However, the main focus will be on the aforementioned album, of course!”

“Fear Of Infinity” was released on April 22, 2011 in Europe and May 3, 2011 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.