North Carolina-based traditional metallers WIDOW have inked a deal with Pure Steel Records.

Commented the band: “WIDOW is very excited to sign with Pure Steel Records. They have become THE label for amazing traditional metal and we are honored to work with them. They have been very supportive of us and what we do and they are true fans of real heavy metal! The future starts now!!”

Added the label: “We are in contact with WIDOW regularly since a long time. Since their beginnings they released very strong material without any exception and combine NWOBHM influences with traditional ’80s U.S. metal at the best way possible. So you always can expect timeless melodic metal songs at highest level. Chris [Bennett, guitar/vocals]is a real Pure Steel fan, so, of course, the cooperation was the logical move. So we are very happy to have WIDOW on our label! A very fantastic band.”

WIDOW‘s third album, “Nightlife”, came out in 2007.

Since the release of its first album, “Midnight Strikes”, in 2003, WIDOW represented a sort of melting-pot of the ’80s hard rock / heavy metal culture and the modernity of melodic death metal mainly expressed by their fast guitar-riffing and vocals. Lyric-wise they always liked to play with werewolves and witches burnt at stakes, with the great tradition of ’80s horror movies , movies that in a moment were vulgarly despised as “B movies” but which in the end, have influenced a whole generation of young Americans.

WIDOW lineup:

Chris Bennett – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Peter Lemieux – Drums
John E. Wooten IV – Lead Vocals, Bass