Long-running metal band WILD DOGS has returned to its original four-man format after recruiting bassist Craig “Mondo” Lower. The group is rounded out by Matt McCourt on vocals, Robert Robinson on guitar and Troy Stutzman on drums.

After an appearance at Portland’s three-day Black Circle metal festival with HIRAX, there has been a newfound appreciation for one of the originators of old-school shred metal.

Matt is planning a return to Europe — Germany, Holland and “whoever else will book us,” he says — in the spring of 2013 with a set that is comprised of songs from WILD DOGS‘ first two albums (both of which were released through Shrapnel Records) and a couple DR. MASTERMIND and MAYHEM tunes. (Mondo was a memeber of the live DR. MASTERMIND group in 1986 with Deen Castronovo and Kurt James.)

WILD DOGS has released six albums, three live albums and one DVD.

The band rose to local and regional recognition in the 1980s as a pioneer of metal in the Pacific Northwest, and received international acclaim after the release of its second album.

McCourt is the only original and constant member of WILD DOGS. Several attempts to reunite most of the original bandmembers have failed, most recently in July 2010.

McCourt has kept the group active for 31 years, playing local and regional shows and international festivals with various musicians.


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