WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE: Debut Album Available For Free Download

WILD ZOMBIE BLAST GUIDE, the German thrashcore band featuring members of THE NEW BLACK, SALTATIO MORTIS and CONSFEARACY, will made its self-titled debut album available as a free download on April 4 via Bandcamp. “Wild Zombie Blast Guide” is also available as a physical CD (digipack, including an exclusive vinyl-optic disc) at the group’s webshop at a low price.

“Wild Zombie Blast Guide” track listing:

01. Shut Up (03:48)
02. Dark Sun (03:08)
03. The Harder You Fall (04:04)
04. Doubletap (03:52)
05. Momentum (04:03)
06. Blood War (04:00)
07. Evolving In Illusions (03:15)
08. Wrong Turn (03:22)
09. Kill The Brain (02:34)
10. Probing Eyes (03:46)