Pulverised Records has announced the signing of U.K.-based deathcrust extremos WINDS OF GENOCIDE.

Spawned in 2006, WINDS OF GENOCIDE is poised to inflict apokalyptic domination with their offensive d-beat onslaught. A bastardized fusion of CIANIDE, AMEBIX, UNLEASHED and BOLT THROWER, WINDS OF GENOCIDE is working on its as-yet-titled debut full-length album, which should see the light of day in Armageddon 2012.

Commented WINDS OF GENOCIDE lung-torturess Kat Shevil of the signing: “We are extremely honored and excited to be signing and working with Pulverised Records for a full-length album and to be joining such a roster that includes such great bands as BASTARD PRIEST, MORBUS CHRON, IRON LAMB, IMPIETY, GRAVE DESECRATOR, TYRANT, CRUCIFYRE, IN AETURNUM, INTERMENT, TRIBULATION, DESULTORY, SEANCE, etc.

Pulverised Records is a great label run by dedicated people with a great and long history of quality releases to their name.

“We look forward to unleashing a powerful destructive debut album which will pulverize your ears. Expect nothing less than pure fucking aural armageddon!”

Added Pulverised Records label manager Roy Yeo: “We seemed to have a (dis)taste for scruffed-up and no-holds-barred extreme bands these days, so having WINDS OF GENOCIDE on our roster is definitely the next logical step.

WINDS OF GENOCIDE has without a doubt convinced us with their previously released ‘The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon’ EP release, and we are very sure that the upcoming full-length effort will prove that WINDS OF GENOCIDE is going to further terrorize everything in sight (and sound, of course).

“D-beat krusaders, you have been forewarned!”


Kat Shevil – Vocals
Linus – Drums
Glynn Hall – Guitars
Dan H – Bass


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