Winter Deluge Issues “As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity” Album Update

New Zealand black metallers Winter Deluge have issued the following update about the release of the “As the Earth fades into Obscurity” album and announcement about a lineup change:

“Winter Deluge will no longer be releasing our debut album ‘As the Earth fades into Obscurity’ through Pest Records.

“For now we will release it independently and we are currently gaining our funds to have the CD’s pressed so it is definite to be released before the end of this year 2011. Pre-order at A huge thanks to Andy Woodd for his time and patience that he has put into the mastering of this album.

“We would also like to announce that Hildolfr has decided to leave the band prior to the album release and we are proud to announce that our original vocalist Nekasarof (who performed on the 2006 EP ‘Vehement Visions of Nihilism’) has returned and will be joining us for our upcoming storming of attacks in early 2012 as we promote the album across NZ and Hopefully Australia towards the end of 2012.

“On the wait of this release we are already strongly set into the writing of the second album with pride, hate, and chaos! But for now the earth shall fade into obscurity.”