WITHIN TEMPTATION: Six Songs Written For Next Album

Radio Metal recently conducted an interview with vocalist Sharon Den Adel of Dutch symphonic metallers WITHIN TEMPTATION. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Radio Metal: Will Robert Westerholt [WITHIN TEMPTATION guitarist and father of Sharon‘s three children] play again live in a few years, when your kids are older?

Sharon Den Adel: Yes, maybe. But talking about Robert, we have a big show in Belgium, on November the 13th, and we’ll celebrate 15 years of WITHIN TEMPTATION. Robert will be there, obviously! [laughs] Older members will come, too. We’ll show some movies we’ve made, some parts of the show will be symphonic. We’ve been around for such a long time, thanks to the fans, of course, so we’ll remember with the them all the highlights of these past 15 years.

Radio Metal: Do you think that as Robert writes music at home, this situation can have an impact on the way he writes music?

Sharon Den Adel: No, because he has always been involved in writing songs since the beginning. After the festivals we’re doing now, I’ll have some time for writing songs for the new album. The same people who have been working on the previous albums will be involved too, like Martijn [Spierenburg, keyboards]. I must say that we’ve already written six songs, so we’re working fast. These six songs will be on the album and are very good. It surprises me, because sometimes it’s a real struggle to write new songs, but apparently “The Unforgiving” album is quite inspiring and we’ll continue in that direction.

Radio Metal: “The Unforgiving” is a concept album that develops a story based on a comic book. The video clips and your live show is linked to that story. Do you intend to go further in that way of writing albums? For example, have you thought of making a movie, like NIGHTWISH did for “Imaginaerum”?

Sharon Den Adel: We’ve already made three short movies for our last album and a year ago, we started to write a script for a full-length movie, but we’re not sure when we’ll release it, because we do not want our album to suffer from this project. Once ready, everybody will know.

Read the entire interview from Radio Metal.



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