WITHIN TEMPTATION To Perform At ‘Me & Mr Jones On Natalee-Island’ Movie Premiere

Dutch symphonic metallers WITHIN TEMPTATION will perform their song “Where Is The Edge” at the premiere of the “Me Mr Jones On Natalee-Island” movie during the 31st Dutch Film Festivalon September 22.

In this film, an undercover journalist Remi is starting a quest to find Natalee Holloway five years after her disappearance. Together with Eva, a terminal call-girl, he’s trying to solve this case by breaking into Joran Van Der Sloot‘s house. This is just the beginning of a series of events with fatal consequences.

In addition to WITHIN TEMPTATION‘s performance of the movie’s soundtrack song, the band’s “The Unforgiving” short films will have their international premiere at the cinema.

WITHIN TEMPTATION‘s video for “Where Is The Edge” contains exclusive preview scenes from “Me Mr. Jones”, directed by Oscar-winning Dutch director Paul Ruven. The movie is a thriller inspired by the disappearance of Natalee Holloway on Aruba, the island where also the movie itself was secretly shot.