WOLFCHANT: New Album Cover Artwork Unveiled

German epic pagan metallers WOLFCHANT will release their new album, “Embraced By Fire”, on March 1 via NoiseArt Records. According to the band, the follow-up to 2011’s “Call Of The Black Winds” is “the most elaborate and detailed album in our band history so far! We’ve made sure to create catchy and interesting song structures and to deploy a multifarious instrumentation. Andre Hofmann of Forte Fortissimo studio supplied a very forceful and clear sound, which fits perfectly to the new songs.”

In other news, WOLFCHANT is featured in the Cartoon Network‘s “Aqua Something You Know Whatever”. Three members of the band appear in the episode called “Totem Pole” as the band TOTEM POLE performing the song “Polegasm”. Check out snippets at this location.

“Aqua Something You Know Whatever” began its long run on Adult Swim under the title “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” for its first seven seasons, then was renamed “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1” for a season before the creators decided to change the title again.

Commented WOLFCHANT singer Mario “Lokhi” Möginger: “In April 2012 we’ve got a mail from Turner Media / Time Warner (CNN, etc.) with the question if we were interested to compose the soundtrack for an episode of the TV serial ‘Aqua Something…’ First of all we thought this is a joke because a short time before we’ve talked about how funny it would be to create wicked sounds for something like ‘Family Guy’ or ‘South Park’. It turned out quickly that it was a serious offer and that the producer Matt Maiellaro knows us and likes our music. We especially have a strong fan base in South and North America and most of our merchandise is going overseas. So, the offer arrived at the opportune moment to to heighten the profile of our name there! We installed a dedicated line between the studio in Atlanta and our studio to produce the songs and to dub the fictional band TOTEM POLE. That was a great experience for us to see how everything originates and to be part of this all!”

WOLFCHANT will take part in the Paganfest Europe tour alongside ALESTORM, ARKONA, EX DEO, THYRFING and BORNHOLM.