WOLFSBANE Guitarist Interviewed On ‘Rockulus Maximus’

Gary Clarke, who presents the re-launched rock show “Rockulus Maximus” (described as “the most northerly rock show on the U.K. mainland”), conducted an interview with Jase Edwards, the guitarist with reunited British rockers WOLFSBANE, on Friday, January 6. Jase discussed where the title came from for the band’s brand new album, “Wolfsbane Save The World”; how the band started out in the late Eighties, thanks to FAITH NO MORE and Rick Rubin‘s involvement; why the band called it a day back in the mid-Nineties; and how he feels about playing live.

“Smoke And Red Light”, the new unofficial video from WOLFSBANE — featuring former IRON MAIDEN frontman Blaze Bayley — can be seen below. The song comes off the band’s new album, “Wolfsbane Save The World”, which is now available from Wolfsbanehms.com.

“Wolfsbane Save The World” track listing:

01. Blue Sky
02. Teacher
03. Buy My Pain
04. Starlight
05. Smoke And Red Light
06. Illusion Of Love
07. Live Before I Die
08. Who Are You Now
09. Everybody’s Looking For Something Baby
10. Child Of The Sun
11. Did It For The Money

Edwards previously stated about the band’s new album title, “It’s a suitably modest title… self-effacing, not too ambitious!!!! But the world does need saving and we are gonna start doing it with the help of our fantastic Howling Mad Shitheads. So spread the word and let’s get this record out there to the people who NEED to hear it! They dont know they need to hear it, but they do!! So we can infect and affect the unknowing masses with our Howlingmad optimism and who gives a fuckery!!”

WOLFSBANE — which features Bayley, Jase Edwards, bassist Jeff Hateley and drummer Steve Danger — released its first record in 17 years in April 2011. Entitled “Did It For The Money”, it contained the brand new title track along with re-recordings of four old WOLFSBANE numbers.

Commenting on the reunion, Blaze said, “Although we have done other things over the years, we always had WOLFSBANE in our hearts and following our tour with THE QUIREBOYS, we had so much fun and have had so much interest that we decided to get back in the studio.”



“Smoke And Red Light” unofficial video: