WORLD UNDER BLOOD Frontman’s Video Chat Posted Online

Deron Miller, guitarist/vocalist of the West Coast melodic tech-death outfit WORLD UNDER BLOOD, took part in a live web chat yesterday (Tuesday, June 28) from Nuclear Blast Records‘ U.S. headquarters. You can now watch the 36-minute question-and-answer session below.

WORLD UNDER BLOOD is the melodic death metal side project featuring CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller alongside Tim Yeung (MORBID ANGEL, DIVINE HERESY, VITAL REMAINS, HATE ETERNAL) on drums, Risha Eryavec (DECREPIT BIRTH) on bass, and Luke Jaeger on guitar. The group’s debut album, “Tactical”, will be released on July 26 in North America and July 29 in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records. The artwork for the CD was brought to life by the twisted mind of Pär Olofsson (IMMORTAL, THE FACELESS, ABYSMAL DAWN) and can be seen below.

“Tactical” final track listing:

01. A God Among The Waste
02. Into The Arms Of Cruelty
03. Pyro-Compulsive
04. Dead And Still In Pain
05. Purgatory Dormitory
06. Under The Autumn Low
07. I Can’t Stand His Name
08. Revere’s Tears (with intro)
09. Wake Up Dead (MEGADETH cover song)
10. Alliance Or War (iTunes-exclusive MALEVOLENT CREATION cover song)

“A God Among The Waste” is available for streaming at this location.

Commented Miller: “‘A God Among The Waste’, to me, is an instant classic because it melts your face right at the start and then concludes with an opposing mellow ending. I’m told it has a great chorus and it’s the first time I’ve recorded a guitar solo in 15 years. The first eight or so seconds are the fastest the album ever gets and because of that, I made it the album opener so people are brutalized as soon as they press play. No bullshit intros or scary gothic synths; it just gets going faster than you can probably handle it.”

In an early 2010 online posting, Miller stated about the WORLD UNDER BLOOD debut, “The goal for the eight original tunes that ended up on this album was that they would all be super-fast, extremely brutal and harsh, catchy, melodic, and occasionally offensive and disturbing. I also had to make sure that the entire band was satisfied with their work.

Tim Yeung is easily the most impressive drummer in the world. He thinks that some kid is going to come along and dethrone him speed-wise, but as far as writing, arrangements, creative input and immediate knowledge of song structure, he will never be beat. It’s like the guy can read my mind. I present a somewhat intricate song to him and 50 minutes later we’re demoed and done.”


* Deron Miller (CKY) – Guitar/Vocals
* Risha Eryavec (DECREPIT BIRTH) – Bass
* Luke Jaeger – Guitar

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