World’s Biggest Collection Of IRON MAIDEN Memorabilia Unveiled At Sweden’s ‘Rockmässan’

Video footage of what has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest collection of IRON MAIDEN memorabilia in the world, taken earlier today (Saturday, October 27) at the Swedish metal convention Rockmässan in Malmö, Sweden, can be seen below.



Photos are available at this location.

The collection belongs to Rasmus Stavnsborg of Karlslunde, Denmark, who first started listening to IRON MAIDEN in 1981 at the age of 8, and began collecting the band’s memorabilia a couple of years later. He now has 4,168 individual items and houses most of them in his Iron Maiden Bar in his basement. He has been to see the band in concert all over the world, including shows in Japan, India, Russia, Peru and Dubai.

IRON MAIDEN recently became the first international act to sell out its appearance at the magnificent national stadium in Stockholm — Friends Arena.

Spectacular ticket demand for MAIDEN was once again so great that the July 13, 2013 show sold out as quickly as the ticket system could handle — record-breaking for this new 50,000-capacity Stockholm stadium. The venue, Friends Arena, has a roof which means that for the first time ever in Sweden, IRON MAIDEN fans will be able to enjoy the full glory of the entire “Maiden England” show in a dark stadium.