WORMFOOD Posts “Licking The Bones” Track From “Decade(nt)” Album

Wormfood has posted a track online from the upcoming “Decade(nt)” re-issue. Give the song “Licking The Bones” a listen in the player below, or check out a previously posted teaser trailer for the album right here.

Wormfood is an experimental gothic / doom metal band from Paris formed eleven years ago. Evolving in a black / theatrical death metal direction in the early years, the group took a dramatically dark musical turn in 2007. Now this album re-issue has been remastered by Axel Wursthorn (ex-Carnival In Coal) at Walnut Groove Studio.



“Décade(nt)” will be released on September 24th through Apathia Records and the track listing is as follows:

Eponym album remastered
01. Carpathian Carousel
02. Human Circus
03. Abortion Exit
04. Grandpa’s Remission
05. The Night Of The Elderly
06. Hunger Anger
07. Schlachthaus
08. Licking The Bones
09. The Dead Bury The Dead
10. Acouphene

Live at Blast Fest 2005
11. Intro
12. Bum Fight
14. Miroir de Chair
15. Comptine
16. Vieux Pédophile

17. Femme Chrétienne (Christian Woman – Type O Negative cover)
18. La Décadanse (Serge Gainsbourg cover)

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