XENTRIX: New Video Interview Posted Online

GetYourRockOut conducted an interview with U.K. thrashers XENTRIX during the band’s recent mini-tour with KREATOR and EVILE. You can now watch the chat below.

XENTRIX played its first show in almost seven years on April 14 at the Moses Gate in Bolton, England. Video footage of the concert can be seen below.

XENTRIX has had numerous offers to reform over the years but original singer Chris Astley always declined and as guitarist Kristian Harvard states “without him, it wasn’t really XENTRIX.” Astley has since had a change of heart and the promise of recording new material has prompted him to return to the fold and bring back one of the U.K.’s best-loved thrash bands.

Originally thrust into the public eye in the late ’80s after their demo received a five-K review in Kerrang!, which in turn caught the attention Roadrunner Records, XENTRIX soon found themselves in the studio making “Shattered Existence”.

Of course, their now-infamous cover of “Ghostbusters” remains a firm favorite with fans old and new as does the band’s phenomenal second album, “For Whose Advantage?”, which is regarded as a bonafide thrash classic.

The band went onto enjoy a short-but-successful career that saw them share stages with SLAYER, TESTAMENT, SEPULTURA, ANNIHILATOR, SABBAT, TANKARD and SKYCLAD before calling it a day in 1996, having become disillusioned with the U.K. metal scene.

XENTRIX previously reunited with their original lineup in 2006 for a two gigs in their home country.

XENTRIX released four albums on Roadrunner Records: “Shattered Existence” (1989), “For Whose Advantage” (1990), “Dilute to Taste” (1991) and “Kin” (1992). They also issued “Scourge” (1996) on Heavy Metal Records with Simon Gordon on vocals and Andy Rudd on guitar.



Performance (April 14 at the Moses Gate in Bolton, England):




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