YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Launches Guitar Instructional Web Site

Legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen has launched an instructional web site, RelentlessShred.com.

If you become a member of the site, you will receive access to “exclusive, never-before-seen content,” reads a message on the site.

There are four membership types available, starting at $34.99 a month.

“If people are getting back into playing good guitar solos, I’m obviously all for it,” Malmsteen recently told Spin magazine. “I don’t understand how music ever got to the point where they were a bad thing.”

“In the early ’90s, something happened,” added Malmsteen, 49. “All these alternative bands came out and couldn’t play and made fun of guitarists who could by saying they were over the top. I remember thinking, ‘What is this shit?’ But to quote [violinist and composer Niccolò] Paganini — and I put myself in the class with him and Hendrix — ‘One must feel strongly to make others feel strongly.'”

Asked if shredding was in need of some humanizing, Yngwie said, “I don’t think so. Less is not more. More is more. These punk musicians couldn’t play and were heralded for it. They couldn’t even tune their guitars, yet people thought I was the self-indulgent one? I think every player worth listening to realizes now that limitations are for the lazy.”



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