ZAKK WYLDE On ‘Guitar Apprentice’: ‘To Me, Anything That Promotes The Guitar Is Good’

Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) has announced his first signature-edition guitar instruction collection, exclusively available at Guitar Centers across the country beginning October 1.

Guitar Apprentice takes a hit guitar song and breaks it down into 15 different levels of playing. The user is playing great guitar songs with a full band, supplying only a chord or two at first. The user can then work on songs at any desired speed and when it is completed is playing 100 percent of the song — including solos. At every level, Guitar Apprentice shows the user visually, exactly what and when to play at the pace he or she desires.

The Zakk Wylde Signature Edition Guitar Apprentice was recorded live at Wylde‘s Black Vatican studio in Los Angeles and features six DVDs of guitar instruction by Wylde himself, including signature rhythm patterns, solo breakdowns, tones, pedals and gear. Fifteen levels of learning are provided per song.

The Zakk Wylde Signature Edition Guitar Apprentice features exclusive videos, personal tours of the Black Vatican, and interviews.

Asked how the idea of an instructional set of DVDs came about, Zakk told, “The guys behind the project approached me, basically. They asked me what I thought of ‘Guitar Hero’, and I said it was awesome. Who knows — you could have the next Jimmy Page or Dimebag or Yngwie coming out of that thing. Some kid starts out on that, and eventually he says, ‘Man, I want to get a real guitar.’ That’s what you want to happen. To me, anything that promotes the guitar is good. So the guys with ‘Guitar Apprentice’ came to me and said that it would be like a game, but you’d actually learn how to play. It’s not like you’re playing with a controller or anything like that — you’re using a real guitar. I said, ‘Yeah, of course. Sounds great!’ I added a couple of songs from the new record that they wanted to do. ‘Overlord’ came up, so did ‘Crazy Horse’ and ‘Parade Of The Dead’. I performed the songs from beginning to end, and then we broke them down. When you’re playing the game, you’re learning the song. You’re learning how to play. And you learn the scales and how they connect. It’s cool.”

Zakk was also asked if he learned anything about his style in making these DVDs. “Well, no,” he replied. “You know, I know the names of the modes, the names of the scales — I know the shit that I’m playing. [laughs] I don’t just go, ‘Yeah, use this fingering…’ I know more than that. Tell me an F #, and I’ll show you all over the fingerboard where an F# is. I’ve studied theory, so I’ve got that down.”

Regarding whether he is nice and patient as a teacher, Zakk said, “Without a doubt. When I was teaching guitar back in the day, before I got the gig with Ozzy, I always liked doing it. You’d get the prize student who sinks his teeth into it and actually practices and learns the language. It’s cool when somebody takes the time to understand it. Some people grasp it naturally, and for other people it’s hard.”

The Guitar Center-exclusive version features a bonus 60 minutes of concert and interview footage including a never-before-seen prison concert and interviews from an appearance Wylde made in the U.K., interviews at the Black Vatican, a conversation with Wylde on replacing Randy Rhoads, gear talk, the story of Wylde‘s first guitar, a question-and-answer session and more.

There will be in-store promotions, including a chance to win a private lesson with Wylde — or a dream gear package featuring the same equipment Wylde uses. Fans can register by visiting their local Guitar Center and trying out the new product.

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