ZANDELLE – “Shadows Of The Past”, Out 04th of November 2011

Now for 15 years ZANDELLE from New York City play melodic Power Metal with striking high-pitched-vocals, decent keyboard-influences and many double bass-parts, which unites the European and the US-American sound harmonically. They were founded by singer George Tsalikis, after he left his predecessor-band Gothic Knights.

Already the most actual studio-album „Flames Of Rage“ was released through Pure Steel Records in 2009, with „Shadows Of The Past“ now there is a compilation, which has got four songs of the first, self-titled EP from 1996 and six songs of the 1998 released debut-album „Shadows Of Reality“, which are nearly impossible to get today. All of them are re-recorded. In addition to that with “Unleashed” (originally recorded for the in 2006 released “Vengeance Rising”-album, but never released before), “Scream My Name” (a brand new song) and the Whitesnake-cover “Bad Boys”, there are three bonus tracks on it. The second CD contains all tracks in the original versions from 1996 and 1998. In relation to newer outputs, which got a more European touch, on their first two outputs ZANDELLE sounded more US-American and also the keyboard-parts were more in the background. The production had a dryer sound than nowadays, but this wasn’t even changed really with the re-recordings.

A very interesting time-document, which proves, that also in the second half of the 90s there have been some bands, which played flawless, true Heavy Metal!

vocals, guitar, keys – George Tsalikis

bass, guitars – James Corallo

drums, guitars – Joe Cardillo


vocals – George Tsalikis

guitars – Anthony Maglio

guitars – T.W.Durfy

bass – James Corallo

drums – Joe Cardillo

CD 1 – Neuaufnahmen

1 Ecstasy 4:46

2 Medieval Ways 4:43

3 Evil Entity 6:00

4 Angel 4:43

5 Darkness Of The Night 4:21

6 Bringer Of Doom 3:41

7 Soul Of Darkness 5:20

8 Queen Witch 6:44

9 Crimson Rain 6:29

10 The Warrior 5:52

11 Unleashed – originally recorded for “Vengeance Rising” 6:21

12 Scream My Name – brand new song 3:43

13 Bad Boys – WHITESNAKE coverversion 4:07

CD 2 – Altversionen

1 Ecstasy 4:41

2 Medieval Ways 4:55

3 Evil Entity 6:46

4 Angel 4:34

5 Darkness of the Night 4:31

6 Bringer of Doom 3:51

7 Soul of Darkness 5:35

8 Queen Witch 6:43

9 Crimson Rain 6:28

10 The Warrior 5:37