ZERO1, the hard rock project featuring actor/comedian Hal Sparks, has signed a worldwide recording deal with Rocket Science Ventures/RED. The band’s self-titled album, which was produced by KING’S X‘s Doug Pinnick, will be re-released in March.

Best known for his roles in the hit Showtime series “Queer As Folk”, as the host of E!‘s “Talk Soup” and as a commentator on VH1 fare, including “I Love The ’70s”, “’80s”, “’90s”, “Greatest Hard Rock Songs”, and many more, Sparks is also an accomplished film actor, with appearances in “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, “Spider-Man 2”, “Dickie Roberts: Child Star”, and the 2009 Mike Judge vehicle “Extract”, as well as his own recent Showtime stand-up special, “Charmageddon”.

Sparks is an outspoken activist and a strong political voice, as a regular guest host on the syndicated “The Stephanie Miller Show”, and host of his own weekly talk program on Chicago’s Progressive Talk network. Hal is also a regular guest on CNN, “The View”, “The Joy Behar Show”, “The Tonight Show”, and more, and is co-headliner of 2011’s “Sexy Liberals Tour”, with Stephanie Miller, grossing over a million dollars in ticket sales.

But despite his achievements as an actor and a comedian, ZERO1 is far from a celebrity “vanity” project; it is a serious, ass-kicking, rock and roll band, with no shortage of chops. Produced by Pinnick (who also appears on several tracks), “Zero1” is 13 cuts of “progressive, catchy-as-fuck, balls to the wall, blue-collar hard rock,” according to a press release. “Call it metal, call it rock, call it post-grunge, call it whatever the hell you want, the bottom line is ZERO1 will kick your ass, and they won’t stop once you hit the ground.”

On tracks like “Mad Season”, written about late ALICE IN CHAINS vocalist Layne Staley, and “Helsinki”, vocalist/guitarist Sparks belts out powerful, thought-provoking lyrics with the conviction of a seasoned pro (as anyone who saw him trading verses with Dennis De Young and Sebastian Bach on “Celebrity Duets” will attest), destroying any preconceived notions you may have about actor/musicians. Sparks is a consummate frontman, musician, and songwriter, hell-bent on destroying your speakers.

Along with the rest of ZERO1Brian Crow (guitar/vocals), Bumper Renga (bass/vocals), and Lance Tamanaha (drums/vocals) — Sparks will hit the road in May for a month-long U.S. jaunt with THC/Rocket Science labelmates OEDIPUS, before a trek across the pond for a handful of major summer festivals.

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