ALICE COOPER Guitarist RYAN ROXIE Releases ‘All Excess’ Trailer

A short trailer for “All Excess With Ryan Roxie”, the new TV/web magazine show developed by ALICE COOPER guitarist Ryan Roxie and produced by Sixty Seven Films, can be seen below.

“All Excess With Ryan Roxie” will feature interviews with such musicians as Alice Cooper, Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O., ex-ACCEPT), Tommy Clufetos (OZZY OSBOURNE, ROB ZOMBIE, ALICE COOPER), Gus G. (OZZY OSBOURNE, FIREWIND), Melissa Auf Der Maur (HOLE), Jeff Labar (CINDERELLA), Billy Duffy (THE CULT), Kirk Windstein (DOWN, CROWBAR), John Corabi (MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE SCREAM), Michael Monroe (HANOI ROCKS) and more.

In a recent interview with Metalshrine, Roxie stated about “All Excess With Ryan Roxie”, “This is a project I’m going to do my best to release during the course of next year. I’ve already built up a big catalog of interviews with rockers during last year’s festival season in Sweden. When friends would come into town, I’d say, ‘Hey, you wanna sit in front of the camera for five minutes and talk a little bit?’ Basically I want to do an interview-type show that takes the person, the subject, the rock ‘n’ roller outside of their comfort zone, maybe just walking around the streets in Stockholm or hanging out somewhere where they’re not used to hanging out… Just talk to them and talk to them a little bit more one on one. Different than my TV show (‘The Big Rock Show’), where it was more of a studio variety show. This is more of an on-location interview show. Hopefully a little bit deeper because of the similar experiences that I share with them. What I’m looking for in interviews is just ‘weird,’ interesting and inspiring things to talk about. Hopefully we’ll be able to accomplish that. I did a great interview with Alice when he came into town last time and he revealed so many cool things about his career, like who gave him his nickname ‘The Coop.’ It was actually Groucho Marx who gave him that nickname. Cool stuff like that.”

When asked if the show will be available on TV or the web, Roxie said, “I think the interviews are not gonna be long enough to be a full show with just one person. The best thing in the world would be to be a segment on a bigger show. Eddie Trunk and his buddies have a great rock show called ‘That Metal Show’. It would be so cool if every once in awhile he could say, ‘Hey, let’s check in with Roxie and ‘All Excess’ and see what he’s up to.’ I’d do one of my little snippet interviews. Something like that would be really cool, so we’ll see what happens.”



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