Cannabis Corpse Shares Some Baked Wisdom Before Heading Off To Tour



Cannabis Corpse Shares Some Baked Wisdom Before Heading Off To Tour

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The death metal hooligans from Cannabis Corpse are just about to embark on a hazy, smoke-filled trek across the U.S. supporting new album “From Wisdom To Baked” (reviewed here – and be sure to pick up your copy if you haven’t yet at Bandcamp). is (s)toked to be sponsoring the cross-country tour, which kicks off November 28th. Find full dates for the live incursion over at this location.

Before the festivities officially kick off, Cannabis Corpse checked in with us to explain the curious lack of weed-legal states on the tour itinerary, and discuss the recruitment of new member Brandon Ellis and the recording of “From Wisdom To Baked.” Check out the full interview below.

xFiruath: What’s your set list going to look like for this upcoming tour and how long have you guys been prepping for this trek?

We have been practicing like crazy because of the recent addition of our brand new guitar player Brandon Ellis from Arsis. We generally try to keep our set a nice blend of all the albums. You can expect the songs to spread out across all of our albums.

xFiruath: Tell me a bit about your new member and how he ended up on the Cannabis Corpse crew.

Brandon is a super shredder from hell! He is the best guitarist I have ever seen, I am so stoked to take him out on the road and let him rip. I think the fans are going to be really pumped on this new addition to cannabis corpse. Josh had contacted him when we were thinking of bringing someone else on board earlier in the year, we had never met him or anything but when we heard him play for the first time we were so thrilled! He is the man!

xFiruath: You’ve got the one Colorado show, but other than that I noticed you guys aren’t really hitting any of the places were weed is actually legal. Inquiring fans want to know: what’s up with that?

Ha ha well as much as we like legal weed we also DO NOT LIKE SNOW! Ha ha so a lot of the spots we picked for this December run are in the warmer parts of the US. Our weed consumption will not be effected by this so do not worry!

xFiruath: 50 state legalization and marijuana coming off Schedule I: what’s your guess for when it finally happens?

Once the real results of legalization become apparent it will be fully legalized on all states. It won’t be until somebody proves without a doubt that crime has dropped and money has been made in the states that weed has become legal.

xFiruath: Are there any cities or venues you are specifically looking forward to destroying?

I always look forward to playing in Los Angeles, the shows there are always super crazy and fun. I have had so many great shows there, I am really looking forward to bringing Cannabis Corpse to all the heshers there.

xFiruath: Almost no days off on this trek, and you’re covering a ton of ground – you guys planning on getting in any sight seeing or hanging out with the locals, or will this be a strictly business type trek?

Hopefully we have time to do anything ha ha! It’s going to be pretty brutal, no days off… It’s going to be super fun though, it’s been a while since the last Cannabis Corpse tour. Hopefully there are a lot of fans out there that want to see us do our thing.

xFiruath: What’s the Cannabis Corpse tour van like and how does the band typically pass time on the road?

Ha ha do you really need to ask what we do to pass time on the road? Ha ha! We smoke a ton of weed of course! I have the WWE app on my phone so I watch a lot of pro wrestling while in the van too ha ha! That’s the life! Driving, death metal, weed and pro wrestling!

xFiruath: Onto the new album a bit – where did you guys track the record and how did the recording process go?

Lately I have been tracking everything at my home studio in Richmond VA. I have made a ton of music there! Including the Iron Reagan records and the new Cannabis Corpse offerings, recording at home gives me the ability to take my time and get the results that I want. I hate being in a studio paying by the hour only to be super stressed, especially when I have not taken my cbd oil from CBD Oil UK.

xFiruath: Who created that awesome cover artwork and what sort of input did the band have on that?

A guy named Par Oloffson created the cover art. He is a very talented guy that has working with a ton of bands. I have him the concept by telling him about the story I had in mind for the album, when he have me that art back I was pumped! It was perfect!

xFiruath: Will there be any videos coming out for this album (full music videos, lyric clips, live shows recorded on the tour, etc.)?

We would love to make a video but I have been super busy this year and haven’t had the time to put it together. In the future I would love to take some of the concepts in the album and make a video out of them. It’s a no brainer!

xFiruath: We’re almost at the end of 2014 already! What’s going to make your “best of the year” list in the world of metal?

That new At The Gates album shreds! But the new Obituary is album of the year in my opinion!

xFiruath: Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks to all the Cannabis Corpse fans out there for listening to our music! Be sure to check out the tour dates and come see us live!

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