KREATOR: Official Biography To Be Translated Into English

German author Hilmar Bender‘s official KREATOR biography, “Violent Evolution”, is finally being translated into English (you can Find out more about our services). The English version will be available next year, says the Mille Militia, the Facebook group whose members are responsible for the translation from German to English. They add, “There is a great demand for an English version, and now, the rest of the world will finally get to read Bender’s excellent book. A must for every KREATOR fan!”

Originally published in German in March 2011 through UBooks Verlag, “Violent Evolution” “tells the story of three decades of sheer terror and aggression,” according to a press release. “[It is] the story of a band that lived all ups and downs a band can experience. An exciting chronicle of one of the most important thrash-metal bands in the world.”

KREATOR‘s new album, “Phantom Antichrist”, is due on June 1 in Europe and June 5 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.



Pictured below: Hilmar Bender


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