SLAYER’s ‘Reign In Blood’ Red Wine: Video Unveiling

Sweden Rock Magazine correspondent Daniela Pilic has posted a one-minute video overview of SLAYER‘s recently released Sweden-exclusive red wine. Check it out below. The name of the wine, “Reign In Blood”, is taken from the band’s classic album, which came out in 1986.

“Reign In Blood” was released by the start-up company Brands For Fans.

According to Brands For Fans founder Sari H Wilholm, the response to the wine has been astounding. If the wine is successful, she hopes to export it to other countries.

“The demand has been enormous; we never expected it to be quite like this,” she said.

Asked why it was a good idea to launch a SLAYER wine, Wilholm told Dagens Media, “I think people understand that SLAYER would never attach their name to anything without having been involved throughout the process and having personally tried and approved the product. That kind of commitment, I think, is different from other artists who release similar items.”

The wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon from California, is as uncomprimising and tough as the band. After a couple of Seasons in the Abyss, the wine has an undisputed attitude and a soft nose of dark berry fruits with oak and spicy nuances. Good mouth feel with hints of fresh fruit and juicy, smooth tannins. Well structured and rounded with subtle notes of oak, showing true Divine Intervention. Enjoy it while headbanging, riffing or with food, friends and great music. Reign in Wine!

Name: SLAYER “Reign In Blood” Red Cabernet Sauvignon
Item No.: 74527-09
Year: 2010
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Origin: California, USA
Quantity: 6 bottles (cardboard)
Price: 714 SEK (approximately $107) per cardboard box (6 bottles)




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